Classy Little Fashions

People come into your life and you never know how they will affect you as a human being. Jane Hash, Co-director of a brand called Classy Little Fashions, visited my branding class at Kent State University’s Fashion school and changed my mind about fashion forever. I have always found fashion as a way to express myself so when Jane came in and talked to us about her experience with it, my ears were listening and my mind was wide open.

Jane was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. She was not born with a standard body type, but she has not let that stop her in her journey to become the intelligent and hard-working woman she is today. She came to our school to talk about body positivity and how there are people out there that do not have the same opportunity to wear what they want. Jess Wallace, Jane Hash, and Carol E. Briney have collaborated and with their non-profit organization are working to help others with non-standard body types to wear clothing that is age appropriate and fashionable. They are amazing people.

Their website is They have a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube pages. Please check it out and donate if you can!

Remember one thing, we are supposed to be people helping people. Pay it forward. Please and thank you 🙂


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